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How to buy our products
A simple guide to help you figure out how to make a purchase, and choose the easiest way to do it.
#1: Buy from our online store
Visit E2Shop.PH
Click on the link to visit our online store called E2Shop.PH.
Visit E2Shop.PH >
We're also on Lazada.com.ph, The biggest online store in the Philippines. Visit our page there by clicking the link below.
Visit E2Shop in Lazada >
Browse for items you want
Browse the page and look for the products that you want to buy. Make sure to add them to your cart as you find them.
Prepare to checkout
Once you've added all your items in the cart, you're now ready to check out. On the upper left portion of the webpage, click on "Checkout".
There you will be asked to fill out some forms and details. Make sure that you put the correct information in; it's important for the order and shipping process.
Check if order is confirmed
If your order has been confirmed, you may wait for your items to be shipped to your address.
Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact customer support and we will be glad to assist you.
KinmoPW hotline: (+63) 251-0507
#2: Look for a store nearby
Find a store nearest to you
Check this list out and see which chain store or branch you prefer, or is nearest to you.
Store locations >
On the list, you'll notice there's a phone number just below each address; note it down as you'll need it for the next step.
Call the store to check availability
Save yourself the hassle first by asking the branch promodiser if the product you're looking for is available and in stock.
If possible, you may ask if you can have the item reserved for you.
Drop by to purchase
Once you have confirmed that the item you want is in stock, you may now go visit the store and pick up your new item.
Last step: enjoy!
#3: Make a wholesale order
Minimum order quantity
If you're interested in making a wholesale purchase, we'd be glad to help you with the process.
Please see the MOQ list below to check if your order qualifies as a wholesale order.
Click here >
Contact our sales agents
Once you have decided to make an order, please let us assist you by calling us on the following number:
KinmoPW Sales Hotline: (+63) 251-0507
Check for discounts
Make sure to check for discounts, as there will be varying discount rates depending on how big your order is.